Nate Murray – IDW Games

I’ve had the pleasure to work with Ian in many ways, and in all facets he is professional, energetic, and organized. Whether it be organizing shows or working on design and development I can trust Ian to deliver the highest-quality work.

Adam Nelson – CityofPlay.org

Ian is the kind of designer for whom every new challenge, constraint, or wrinkle is an opportunity to create something completely new. His ability to take a large, complex problem and break it into its most important components is tremendous, and his knowledge of games, mechanics, and approaches is second to none. Working with him on the Denali Academy game, I was especially impressed at how quickly he became an expert in a completely new industry, and his ability to use design to convey that knowledge to others.

Rob Daviau – Ironwall Games

Ian has been an instrumental playtester on a lot of my big games – Pandemic Legacy, Seafall, and Pandemic Legacy 2. He’s a fast, diligent playtester and always willing to talk over findings, do rewrites, and dig deeper into a game.

Tony Miller – Bearded Rogue Games

As a designer, Ian is masterful at focusing on the core engagement of a game system and building from it. This skill that he has used to great effect as a designer makes him a superb developer. He has a keen eye for disecting a game system and identifying ways to reinforce the desired player behaviors so that the players work with the system rather than against it. When you factor in how easy he is to work with, I would highly recommend him as a developer to anyone who is looking to make their game sing.

Todd Medema – I/O Fabricate

Ian was a game-changer for Expedition: The Roleplaying Card Game. His insights and connections in the gaming industry took us from a home-brewed game to a Kickstarter that raised $21,000 – more than doubled its goal! We’ll definitely be working with Ian on our next board game project.